21.4.2019 – Art´s birthday  -  

Today our dear Artaban celebraters his 6th birthday. Time flies.. A lot of healths and lot of further years with us, boy! We really love you.


20.4.2019 – CACIB Prague  -  

So the success contines 🙂 This year is good! We competed at CACIB Prague where Artaban in very strong champion class succeed again… Under very strict judge, who gave many and many “very good” marking our Artaban gained Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB ! Ok, so this way of showing we like 🙂


10.4.2019 – Artaban´s new litter  -  

We have really wonderful litter sired by our Artaban in Slovakia, at Ridgeback´s Hiari kennel. 12 beautiful pups were born, all 11 puppies are correct, only 1 girl is multicrowned. Few last puppies are looking for new owners, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.


6.4.2019 – National dog show in Ostrava  -  

As well as in January, we went with Artaban after 3 months of break, to the show.. And again with fabulous results 🙂 Artaban entered the champion class and between 7 competitors he gained mark Excellent 1, CAC, NATIONAL WINNER 2019, BOS !!! I like this style of showing .. looong break, WIN, looooong break Číst více


12.1.2019 – The fist show of the new year  -  

First show of this year, after longer pause… But Artaban does not need go often to prove his qualities.. Yesterday he won all – Excellent 1, CAC, NATIONAL WINNER, BOB and finally BIG3!!! And now again at least nice 3 months without any show again.. 🙂


20.12.2018 – Magical Xmas time  -  

To all good people we would like to wish wonderful Christmas time and only the best for 2019 .. Hopefully it will be even better than 2018!


1.12.2018 – Artaban´s offspring  -  

it´s a time to introduce some of Artaban´s children. We collected some pictures of beautiful Artaban´s offspring and so we would like to show you off them .. We are so happy, that you are happy with “our” kids ! They are all beautiful, but mainly also healthy and with excellent character. It is so Číst více


8.9.2018 – CLUB SHOW of KCHRR 2018  -  

***Artaban rocked the show again *** At XIV. CLUB SHOW of KCHRR under breed specialist Ms. Stinne Nørholm Elgaard (DK) Artaban firstly won the champion class and than he took everything 🙂 He was awarded with Excellent 1, CAC, BEST DOG KCHRR 2018 and later also BEST of BREED from 81 entered ridgebacks !!! We Číst více


26.8.2018 – CACIB Mladá Boleslav  -  

International dog show Mladá Boleslav – total entry 77 ridgebacks, 11 champion dogs in the class – and Artaban got Excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB! His daughter Fumi Skye Manwë got Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and Art´s young son Aaron Bila Obora was Excellent 1, CAJC! on his very first dog show… The Číst více


(Česky) 14.8.2018 – Krásné narozeniny !!!  -  

Our dear Sorbonne turned today his 14th Birthday in a great condition and health! He is still strong and healthy and almost every day he is able to go with us for 5-6 kilommeters long walks. He is always hungry and in good mood. He is resting a little bit more than in past, but Číst více


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