Exams of Rebel









Holice v Čechách

Mr. Petr Vyčítal

obedience+behaviour/mental test



Hradec Králové

Ms. Jana Svobodová

basic obedience +behaviour/mental tes




Ms.  Jana Svobodová

higher obedience+hurdles+tracking


 FPr 1

 Kolín – Borky

Mr. Břetislav Ťujík

special tracking exam I. level


 FPr 2

 Česká Skalice – Spyta

Mr. Jaroslav Hodek

 special tracking exam II. level



 Holice v Čechách

Mr. Karel Och

special tracking exam I. level
+ higher obedience


 FPr 3

 Holice v Čechách

Mr. Jiří Kubeš

  special tracking exam III. level upně




 Mr. Luboš Jánský

  international obedience test psa

2.7.2011 FH1 Česká Třebová-Javorka Ms. Markéta Dvořáková international supreme special
tracking exam
15.10.2011 FH2 Česká Třebová-Javorka Ms. Markéta Dvořáková international supreme special
tracking exam
1.5.2013 FH2 Pardubice-Nemošice Ms. Markéta Dvořáková international supreme special
tracking exam-2. level
17.11.2013 FH2 Opočno Mr. Jaroslav Klapal international supreme special
tracking exam-2. level
31.5.-1.6. IPO-FH Jaroměř Ms. M. Dvořáková, Mr. J. Klapal the highest supreme special double day tracking exam

Rebelovy závody


Typ závodu




9.9.2012 Tracking trial according Fpr1 Česká Skalice L. Jánský 95 points – 2. place !!! pics
28.9.2012 Track 1,5 hrs od + obedience acc. ZM – all without leash Častolovice P. Vyčítal Track 97 p.- 1. place from 16 competitors
Track + obedience – 4. place
6.10.2012 Track + obedience acc. ZVV1 Hořice v Podkrkonoší M. Dlabola + I. Hloušková 3. place !!! fotky
14.4.2013 Track according ZVV1 Nový Bydžov M. Dlabola 4. place   fotky
15.6.2013 Track according FPr1 Nový Hradec Králové J. Hodek 1. place !!! fotky
10.11.2013 2x tracks according FPr3 Rakovník Žižka 2. place !!!
from 25 competitors!!
5.10.2013 Czech Championship tracking qualification 2013 Rožmitál pod Třemšínem Mgr. F. Zimek 4. place ! info
12.4.2014 Track according ZVV1 Nový Bydžov L. Jánský 2. place !!! fotky
14.6.2014 Track according FPr1 Nový Hradec Králové L. Jánský 1. place !!! fotky
6.-7.9.2014 Czech Championship tracking qualification 2014 Chodov T. Krajčí 9. place info
15.11.2014 Track according FPr 1 Jaroměř L Jánský 2. place !!!
20.6.2015 Track according FPr 1 Nový Hradec Králové L. Jánský 3. place info
13.9.2015 Track according FPr 1 Česká Skalice L. Jánský 1. place !!! info
9.4.2016 Track according FPr1 Nový Bydžov M. Dlabola 3.-4. place/from 12
18.6.2016 Track according FPr1 Hradec Králové L. Jánský 1. place !!! info
10.9.2016 Track according FPr1 Česká Skalice L. Jánský 1. place !!! info
17.9.2017 Track according FPr1 Česká Skalice L. Jánský ./2. place info
23.9.2017 Track according FPr1 Stará Paka L. Jánský 2. place info

Rebel and his training:

Since his childhood Rebel was full of energy, which should be consumed for proper activity and if not, turns to boring and some unexpected results. He follow each our task or order, which he quickly finish and require next one, to be fulfill. We immediately recognize that Rebel is dog with great potential for further training.
Soon, we were able to evaluate his further quality predicting great working dog, like easy and strong motivation, nerve stability and high performance, even under terrible conditions and stability of conducted work during unexpected disturbing from surroundings. All this help me train him well.
If he become in the situation, where his own initiative and independence is requested he works firmly and certainly even without direct leading. This could be recognized on video from our tracking trainings.
Since beginning, Rebel was trained in basic obedience including fetch drill and drill on various obstacles, but his features predict him especially for tracking, which become his beloved working activity.

Rebel is industrious dog, very willing and diligent.
Already very soon we realised that this dog has an enormous working potential and is very talented in different activities. He enjoyes working with me and a teamwork much, he is very easily motivated dog who is eagerly waiting for my commands at all times.
Rebel is a dog of very strong nerves, what predestines him well for working.
He is capable and willing to work and be concentrated even also “under pressure” and at unfavourable situations, what proves his psychic equanimity and high working usability.
In activities requiring his own enterprise and independency (like tracking) he has no problem to work independently from a leader.
(see his video page)

We train with Rebel a classic obedience including retrieving, and overcaming various hurdles. Our speciality is tracking, where we have passed all possible special tracking exams, except one what we are training for at present time.

We would like to show to everybody that also ridgeback could be a great working dog and we want to change an established, not much positive opinion for working ability of this breed. And we are quite successful although we are at the beginning of our effort.

Up to now Rebel handily passed 12 examinations. His first exams – namely ZOP (basic obedience exam + behaviour/mental test), ZZO (obedience + behaviour/mental test), ZPU 1 (higher obedience + hurdles + tracking exam) and FPr 1 (special tracking exam).
It is noteworthy that all these mentioned exams he has passsed before his 2. birthday, and mainly the uneasy tracking exam FPr 1 is a great achievement for this age.
In Spring 2010 he passed one another hard special tracking exam level II – FPr 2! It is important to underline, that to this day only 2 another ridgebacks passed this difficult exam in all history of Czech RR breeding and even Rebel is the most youngest from them! He managed to pass it in his only 29 months and just after only 8 months of tracking training!
In October 2010 he managed to pass the last and hardest from serie of tracking exams FPr – it means FPr 3. He is the first and only ridgeback in whole czech ridgeback´s breed history who passed it.
In addition Rebel as the first and only ridgeback again in CZ history passed such difficult obedience and tracking exam as exam named ZPS 1 is!! It is a huge success on a working field.
And on the top of all, Rebel passed the most existing difficult tracking examinations like FH1 and FH2! Those are such a difficult exams that only about 20 dogs pass it in Czech Republic every year. Both are extremely hard and prove a dog´s tracking ability and Rebel is the only ridgeback who was able to pass those examinations. And moreover – Rebel passed the exam FH2 for three times !

The absolute top of his tracking skills is a passing of the highest supreme tracking exam – rightly feared double day exam IPO-FH!
I am very proud of Rebel! This exam is the absolute top test for sporting trackers and really it´s not easy to pass it.
It is doubleday exam, when the dog has to work out each day minimally 3 hours old track of stranger, with crossing of the track by another stranger, the track is 1800 m long, with 8 legs, 7 corners (two of them must be sharp corners), with arch and with 7 articles.
Rebel passed this exam in unfamiliar organisation, on the tracks of two absolute unfamiliar strangers and on unfamiliar terrains and he got very nice points scores both days what even I did not hoped before .. :)
According the statistics of our Czech cynology organisation only few dogs from whole Czech Republic are successful each year on this test. Only few dogs are yearly prepared for this exam and only the best are able to pass it..
For example in year 2012 from 9 entered dogs only 2 passed it, in year 2011 from 7 dogs only 4 did it, in year 2010 again only 4 dogs from 10 passed it ..
So I could say it is not only the great success of our Rebel but this is the great success for the all rhodesian ridgeback breed !

At present time Rebel is still in training and is preparing for each year representation of Czech tracking qualification for Czech tracking Championships. Cross us your fingers please 🙂

But most of all – Rebel presents his working skills on many official obedience and tracking trials where we are participating several times a year. He is only ridgeback in usually strong competitions including dogs from several working breeds like german shepherd, malinois, etc.. and he usually stands on the winning places! Even he was able to win in official tracking trials over experienced competitors ! I am very proud of him that he is able to cope with such a strong competitors.. And additional he was presenting himself and rhodesian ridgeback breed for the first time in a history on a republic level, when he was qualificated in year 2013 for Czech championship tracking qualification and he did an amazing work there !
His trials results you could see in menu under “examinations” ..

He was also trained as a hunting dog shortly, but this training branch did not address us at all, so we do not traing hunting ability any more ..

Our training is based on week cycle and each day we drill other discipline, regarding Rebels condition and performance. Proper planning, time schedule and training level is most important to succeed. Usually we use level of training which is slightly increasing, corresponding to term of exam, we are preparing for and to other conditions. Continuous improving, avoiding stagnation, that is the key.
According to my experience optimal ratio is 2 or 3 times a week tracking and 1 to 3 times obedience training. I prefer slower, but firm, certain training avoiding any, even small mistakes, which could be later hardly corrected.