10.9 Czech qualification for Tracking championship 2014

This year as well as last year we were nominated to Czech tracking qualification for
Tracking Championship 2014.
The qualification is organized according IPO-FH exam, so it is double-day trial, when each dog have to work out track according FH2 each day. It means 3 hrs old track of stranger, 1800 m long, with 5x 90° corners, 2x sharp corners, 1x arch, 7 articles, and with 2x crossing of one another stranger both days.
Unfortunately the weather was horrible, and after some very cold weeks it was getting very hot and dogs did not manage it well ..
On Saturday Rebel made a very nice track, with absolutely faultless corners, legs and arch, he did not make any fault, he worked out both crossing of the track very well, he was very sure on the track and I was happy with his job. On Saturday we were placed on the 3. place from 9 competitors and so we were looking forward to Sunday a lot, because weather forecast sounded great, they told “it should be better and colder weather, no rain”, what is more better for tracking.. So we hoped for the same nice work as on Saturday, or better ..
Unfortunately not, the luck was not with us.. On Sunday was even more terrible weather than on Saturday. It was getting even warmer, sun was shining as crazy. We started at 1 pm and so first 2 hrs after the placing the track the sun beated down the track and than 1 hrs before our start the rain came and took all the rest of the scent from the track .. Rebel started when raining, he tried his best, but the track was laied over the moufflon refuge, we saw them when we were tracking, on the track was a minimum of scent because of the weather before and so all those facts meant that we did not manage to finish this track ..
The disappointment is huge, on the other side Rebel did not disgrace himself because of a very nice Saturday´s track and we have to deal with the fact that a lot of big luck is needed at tracking too .. There are a lot of factors what have and influence on the tracking results and we can´t to impact.



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