Exams of Sorbonne

Sorbonne´s working examinations









Hradec Králové

Jana Svobodová

basic obedience+behaviour/mental test




 Luboš Jánský

international obedience exam
(higher obedience+behaviour/mental test)


Sorbonne and his training:


Since beginning, Sorbonne was trained mainly in basic obedience including fetch drill and drill on various obstacles. His ability to learn and always stay under full control of leader was highly valuable during drill, since his puppy age.


He is very teachable dog, always willing to cooperate.
From a puppy age he is showing us an absolute obedience and an extreme willingness to fulfil our commands. This all with a great pleasure and devotion what is characteristic for him. 
(see his video page)


Sorbonne is the all-round dog, he works with a huge enthusiasm and excels in a big willingness to cooperate.


Sorbonne is the dog easy to control and manageable in various situation, he doesn´t hunt wild animals or other animals, in despite of his really strong hunting instinct.

He was my superb helper and a great teacher for our Rebel.
Thanks to Sorbonne I had no trouble with teaching of Rebel and everything was much more easier for me.
I am sad, that in early beginning we not consider passing of official working exams with Sorbonne as important and our training was not primarily according to exam standards. There was strong potential to achieve great success with comparing to other working breeds. Nevertheless, we successfully pass two exams – internationally recognized obedience BH exam and ZOP exam – both with high scores.


We are eminently glad that Sorbonne gives his extraordinary and uncommon character also to his progeny because many of his offspring show the same type of very composed and willing nature.


Today we train with Sorbonne basic drills of obedience just for his fun and enjoying of training process itself. I am so proud and happy to see him fulfilling my orders with great fun recognized on his face. This give us strong evidence, that Rodhesian Ridgeback could be well trained and enjoy work as usual working breeds or even better.