21.1.2023 – New photos

A new beautiful Winter photogallery was added. Pics were collected during December 2022.
Argo is 2,5 years old on the photos.

27.11.2022 – New photos

During this beautiful Autumn we collected some very nice pics of our Argo.
Please, see them bellow… On the left pics from September, right from November.
Enjoy 🙂


29.10.2022 – CACIB Bratislava, Slovakia

Saturday, we took part in the International dog show in Bratislava, Slovakia.
As for the exhibition, I must state, that the level of exhibitions, not only in Slovakia (but mainly in Slovakia 🙂 ), is getting worse and worse. A hall packed to bursting where you can´t even walk with your dog, let alone put your things somewhere. A judge change, which is not even mentioned anywhere… Judging by expressway speed. Absence of written judgements. Nervous people and dogs from absolutely stressful conditions. All this is a shame for the organizers, who collect a lot of money for registrations fees, packing fees, etc., without preparing a slightly more welcoming environment for the exhibitors and their dogs.
Well, nevertheless, we participated… and with a honor. Despite the crazy conditions, Argo won the second place in the Open class with an award

Excellent 2, res. CAC.

21.10.2022 – We are planning new mating

With great pleasure we are planning new litter with beautiful female Ayoka in Germany.
The litter is planned for Spring/Summer 2023.
More informations you could find at kennel website  Safaa.

17.9.2022 – XXVII. Special show of SKCHR, Slovakia

Argo succeed today again with absolutely great result at XXVII. Special Show of SKCHR!
He competed in strong Open class and he won! He got a fabulous judgement from breed specialist Ms. Vanessa Moyano Gonzalez (kennel Molema Mua Rôo, Spain) and obtained a mark:
🥇🏆Excellent 1, CAC, Open Class Winner!!!🏆🥇
Argo already won his class on Club/Special shows 3 times in a row (2x in Czech Republic and 1x in Slovakia)! 🙂
I am soooo very proud of this boy!

11.9.2022 – New photos

Also, have you ever heard that ridgebacks hate water? Nonsense 🙂
Argo absolutely loves water, bathing, retrieving from water and everything around it..
In the new photo albums, you can see how much Argo enjoys the water.


27.8.2022 – XVIII. Club show of KCHRR

Another very successful show day for our Argo!
He presented himself very well and he won a strong Open class at XVIII. Club show of KCHRR!!!

He received a great judgement with evaluation

Excellent 1, CAC !

We are so proud of our Argo and we would like to thank to KCHRR club for such a nice event, as it is always under their flag.. 🙂

7.8.2022 – CACIB Prague

Today we went with Argo to an International dog show in Prague.
In really huge open class and in a big competition Argo showed himself like a proffesional and he won first place under international judge from Finland.
Fantastic job continue with another few titles, so the whole award is:

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOS !!!

Argo with this win, even with limited showing in last year due COVID, finished his quite short journey to a champion title. Argo is from today

3.7.2022 – CACIB Wisla, Poland

🇵🇱 CACIB Wisla, Poland – 3.7.2022 🇵🇱
Our dear Argo succeed again today in a very hot weather and in a big competition!
He won open class with mark

🏆  Excellent 1, CWC and than res. CACIB (full CACIB) 🏆

Argo needs the last CWC for his Champion of Poland title!

29.5.2022 – CACIB Leszno, Poland

We went with Argo for the first time ever to Poland to try to start the new title – Champion of Poland.
And the mission was successful 🙂
Argo competed for the first time of his life in Open Class and he won with award

Excellent 1, CWC !


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