14.12.2017 – We will never forget you!

Run free my dear boy..
A part of myself gone with you. You were the best dog I ever had and I miss you so much.
I am totally broken and devastated.
It hurts a lot.
The life will never be the same…
Thank you for everything, we were a perfect team together.

9.11.2017 – World Dog Show Leipzig 2017

We are back from World dog show in Liepzig 2017 with absolutely amazing result !!!
Artaban again confirmed his qualities – this time on the “world level” and really in stuffed champion class
full of 42 beautiful champions of all over the Europe he was placed on 3rd place !!!
He was awarded as Excellent 3 in such a huge competition!
We are sooo proud! It was nice show with great atmosphere and we enjoyed a lot.
The best for me was how Artaban presented himself.
As always with happy attitude, with easy-going character, wagging tail all the time and moved like a wind.
I just love him!

30.10.2017 – ZPU1 exam

I am so proud of my boys, they make me really happy and proud owner in all ways..
Artaban passed his another (5th) exam !
Artaban passed ZPU-1 exam.
This exam includes obedience + tracking + group and special behaviour part and Art was again perfect!
He performed the best obedience part from all with the best points score of the exam again, like at the last exam, so I am super proud of him.
I am adding some pics from exam, not from all disciplines, just some of them, but it makes your idea..
Finally, I would like to say that Artaban, as well as all my dogs, always are passing their exams on the unkown training grouds, where they never were training before, with strange people and strange dogs and we have not a problem with it..
It is not so usual these days, most owners would never make it the same way as we, but we really don´t have a problem with it and my dogs always make good results.. It is saying all, I think..

23.9.2017 – Tracking trial

On Saturday we again competed in tracking trial with Rebel and we won 2nd place.
This time deservedly because a small fault on the first corner due to tread terrain…
The luck does not stand by us again, we always must to work hardly for the success, but Rebel is great!
I am satisfied and we enjoyed the trial much, thanks to the organisers it was very nice event !

17.9.2017 – Tracking trial

Rebel had very exacting weekend.
After Special show in Slovakia we moved back home and on Sunday morning we competed together in tracking trial..
Rebel worked very well, he made a track with minimum faults and got 97 points from all 100 possible. It was meant the first place, unfortunatelly finally another dog made a track for the same point score and so we had draw lots on the win..
As usual – the luck did not stand by us and we was placed on the 2. place.
Still he is a winner for me!
In one weekend he is able to win on the show and second day to win a trial ..

15.9.2017 – Specialty show of SKCHR

On Friday we spent our time on XXII. SKCHR Specialty in Pezinok.
As usual – once a year I enter also our dear Rebel to some club or special show and he again made a fantastic job,
as last year at ČKRR double day club show…
He behaved like a puppy, so happy and cute and was so pleased to could present himself again in the ring
Rebel won title
at the age of almost 10 years and as always this is so touching moment for me full of emotions.
I just love him so much!!! He is one of milion..

Artaban competed in strong champion class and was placed on the second place with mark
Excellent 2, res. CAC.

Thanks a lot to the slovakian club for really very nice show, with big ring, great organisation and so beautiful prize and presents!!!

11.9.2017 – Video of Artaban

We just made a video of Artaban from XIII. ČKRR Specialty show showing himself nicely!
He loves outdoor shows and showing of him is quite a joy.
He is a good boy, see the movie and enjoy! :)

4.9.2017 – XIII. ČKRR Specialty show 2017

Artaban scored again, this time on XIII. ČKRR Specialty show of rhodesian ridgebacks!!!
First, Artaban succeed and won crowded Champion class of 17 beautiful competitors and than made it all!!!

Artaban is

Also our progeny was successful.
Artaban´s son Furaha Ashiq Manwë won Working Class and
Rebel´s son Joey Ridgeback´s Hiari won Intermendate class!
Its quite a joy for me to see “our” offspring are successful at the same time on such a big show too.
The total entry was 190 ridgebacks, so it was really big, nice and well organised show.
We made a video of Artaban presenting himself really professionaly, so I hope I will have some time to upload it and than I will release it here too…

20.-21.8.2017 – DUO CACIB Bratislava

We are back from Duo CACIB Bratislava with absolutely fantastic results  :)
Both days was very good competition, both days 7 champions in the class, bothc days 50+ ridgebacks.
And both days Artaban scored the ring and took all he could ! :)
Even if all weekend was raining and dogs were not happy, Artaban got perfect judgement and was awarded with those titles:
19.8.2017 – Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB and even BIG1!!!
20.8.2017 – Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and BOB!!!
Artaban repeated the same success from year 2015, when as well as this year got 2x BOB!
Simply we love Bratislava :)

Also Artaban´s offspring got great results:
– Fumi Skye Manwë (champions) – Exc. 1, CAC + Exc. 2, res.CAC
– Furaha Ashiq Manwë (open) – Exc. 1, CAC + Exc. 2, res.CAC
and Rebel´s son:
– Joey Ridgeback´s Hiari (intermediate) – Exc. 2, res. CAC + Exc. 1, CAC!
It was amazing weekend and we are proud of our boy!

14.8.2017 – Happy Birthday !

Our dearest Sorbonne celebrates today his 13th birthday!
We love you, Sorbonne. Be strong and in a good condition like until today many more other years!


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