Judgements of Sorbonne

Ludmila Fintorová, Slovakia, specialist for RR breed

European dog show 2008 – Budapest, Hungary – 3.10.2008

– Excellent 1, CAC, CHAMPION CLASS WINNER !!! (Breed entry 116 dogs)


Linda Costa, Australia specialist and breeder of RRs (Sarula kennel)

XVI. Club show ČKRR Vystrkov – Orlík – 13.9.2008
Compact, balanced, energetic dog. Excellent angulation front and rear, good head expression, good bite, good ridge, croupe a little steep, but very strong, rather high tail carriage. Moves a little wide in front.

Ms. Linda Costa commented personally her opinion about Sorbonne in ČKRR Club magazine: My best dog, on Saturday, from the Champions Class was Ich SORBONNE. He pleased me by his balanced structure, sound movement, lovely head and expression and quality of breed type. He won a very strong Champions Class to compete for the top award.

– Excellent 1, CAC, CLUB WINNER 2008 ! (Breed entry 186 dogs)


Elisabeth Hammerschmid, Austria, specialist and breeder of RRs (Namilanga kennel)

National dog show in Brno, CZ – 18.10.2008
excellent high and type, very nice head, correct scissor bite, excellent topline and underline, very nice frontchest, a little bit steep in front, excellent rear angulation, good movement. 

– Excellent 2, res. CAC


Roland Spör, Austria, specialist and breeder of RRs

International dog show Graz, Austria – 8.3.2008
4 year old elegant dog, excellent head, good colour of eye, harmonic body, excellent topline and underline, correct angulation, strong shoulder, good movement, friendly character.

– Excellent 1, CACA, res. CACIB


Ing. Štefan Štefík, Slovensko President of SKJ, specialist for RRs

International dog show in Nitra, Slovakia – 2.6.2007 
elegant dog, excellent character, good head, correct topline, correct ridge, moves with a little high carriage of tail, good movement, could be more bundled in elbows.

– Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB


Petr Řehánek, Czech Republic

International dog show Litoměřice, CZ –19.5.2007
2,5 year old dog of good frame, noble head, dark eye, scissor bite, elegant neck, spacious chest, straight back, correct angulations, excellent paws, nice movement.



Borsfai Csaba, Hungary specialist for RR breed

II. Club show of ČKRR Vrchotovy Janovice – 5.5.2007
harmonic body,compact elegant dog, good head, excellent neck, good topline, fluent movement, excellent colour of coat, little high carriage of tail.

– Excellent 2, res. CAC


Janet Wang, South Africa specialist and breeder of RRs (Nomvuyo kennel)

I. Club show of ČKRR Svojanov – 17.9.2006
2 year old dog, good jawbone, shorter muzzle, wider cheeks, colour of eyes fits with colour of coat, nice neck, good shoulder bone, good length of humerus, wider chest but little flat, good skeleton, good rear angulation, a little offset of right crown, very symetric ridge, valgus hocks, straight movement of front, shorter steps of rear legs.

– Excellent 2, res. CAC (Breed entry 165 dogs)


Martinéz Miguel Angel, Argentina

International dog show in Bratislava, Slovakia – 19.8.2006
excellent type, excellent head, correct chest, neck and angulations, correct movement.

– Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB


MVDr. František Šimek, Slovakia

Club show of KCHRR, CZ – 5.8.2006
read wheaten noble dog, excellent head, straight back, strong shoulder, excellent angulations, elegant movement, excellent coat.

– Excellent 1, CAC


Freddie Klindrup, Denmark

International dog show in Litoměřice, CZ –20.5.2006
dog of good size, very good expression, typical male head, good bite, very good placement of eyes, nice neck, excellent ridge, good in movement, excellent coat and colour, excellent character.

– Excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIBV1, CAC, Res. CACIB


Ing. Jaroslav Matyáš, Slovakia

Club show of KCHRR, CZ – 13.5.2006
compact dog, good frame, nice head, excelent topline and underline, correct ridge, a little steep angulation of front, very good rear angulation, high carriage of tail in movement, excellent presentation.

– Excellent 1, CAC


Stanislava Janická, CZ breeder of RRs (ze Sulické Tvrze kennel)

XIII. Club show of ČKRR, CZ – 17.9.2005
13 months old dog, nice head, good neck, medium strong skeleton, still a little shallow chest, nice topline, in stack and in movement a little open elbows, correct action in movement, standard ridge and coat.

– Excellent 1, CAJC, WINNER OF YOUNG CLASS – JUNIOR WINNER ! (Breed entry 133 dogs)