11.9.2017 – Video of Artaban  -  

We just made a video of Artaban from XIII. ČKRR Specialty show showing himself nicely! He loves outdoor shows and showing of him is quite a joy. He is a good boy, see the movie and enjoy!


4.9.2017 – XIII. ČKRR Specialty show 2017  -  

Artaban scored again, this time on XIII. ČKRR Specialty show of rhodesian ridgebacks!!! First, Artaban succeed and won crowded Champion class of 17 beautiful competitors and than made it all!!! Artaban is ČKRR SPECIALTY SHOW WINNER of 2017!!! Also our progeny was successful. Artaban´s son Furaha Ashiq Manwë won Working Class and Rebel´s son Joey Číst více


20.-21.8.2017 – DUO CACIB Bratislava  -  

We are back from Duo CACIB Bratislava with absolutely fantastic results  Both days was very good competition, both days 7 champions in the class, bothc days 50+ ridgebacks. And both days Artaban scored the ring and took all he could ! Even if all weekend was raining and dogs were not happy, Artaban got perfect Číst více


14.8.2017 – Happy Birthday !  -  

Our dearest Sorbonne celebrates today his 13th birthday! We love you, Sorbonne. Be strong and in a good condition like until today many more other years!


8.7.2017 – ZOP exam  -  

I am so proud of my clever boys! Artaban just passed his another (4th) exam with absolutely amazing point score! He was the best dog (ridgeback!!!) between another working breeds!!! He passed the obedience exam including mental parts too for 98 points from 100 possible! All disciplines with maximum point score 10, only the first Číst více


27.6.2017 – Artaban´s pictures  -  

I was dismayed when I realized that I did not update pics of my boys almost two years! So it seems that the time really flies like mad.. And because of Facebook all the pics are placed mainly there.. OK, so today I will rectify it with the pics of my Art. Pics of Rebel Číst více


26.6.2017 – Puppies  -  

If you are looking for a perfect ridgeback, we have in Slovakia several available puppies sired by Artaban in Ridgeback´s Hiari kennel. It is very nice litter, puppies are well cared, beautigful and socialized with love. If you want more informations and pics you could click here: : http://www.ridgebacks-hiari.wbl.sk/News-2017.html.


11.6.2017 – XXV. KCHRR Club show  -  

On jubilee XXV. KCHRR Club show our Artaban shines again. He obtained fantastic judgement and with mark Excellent 1, CAC he became a Champion class winner! I am very proud of him!


6.5.2017 – Art´s tracking exam  -  

Artaban passed his first special tracking exam yesterday. We succeed in exam FPr1 according international IPO rules! It is already his 3. working exam and we are planning some another ones soon.


22.4.2017 – CACIB České Budějovice  -  

We went with Artaban for CACIB České Budějovice and we succeed again. Artaban obtained titles : Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB from 9 champions in the class but his daugther Fumi Sky Manwe took everything ! She won Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG1 – WOW !


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