9.11.2023 – New pics  -  

Finally, almost after 1 year, I updated Argo´s photogallery. Feel free to watch his new picture in album January-June 2023 and July – October 2023.   


28.10.2023 – We have puppies!  -  

With great pleasure we announce a birth of 14 lovely puppies in Poland! 11 puppies are correct, 3 are incorrect – without ridge. We are extremelly proud and happy.. Estelle is a lovely female with perfect character imported from Lithuania. If you are interested in a puppy, please, contact us or directly the breeder in Číst více


15.10.2023 – Pics from Czech Club show  -  

A little bit late, but still .. 🙂 We are adding few pics of our Argo from Club show ČKRR which took part in September. For all pics big thank to Jana Vaňáčová.


6.-8.10.2023 – 3x CACIB Komárom  -  

After a very long time, and for the first time with Argo, we went for a show weekend to Hungary. Argo made a good job and got easily these titles: Friday 6.10.2023 – Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB Saturday 7.10.2023 – Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB Sunday 8.10.2023 – Excellent 2, res. CAC We are proud Číst více


15.6.2023 – Expected litter in Finland  -  

With huge pleasure we are waiting for a litter between our Argo and beautiful Gilla in Finland! Gilla is a wonderful female and I am so happy that her owner made a decission to use our Argo for her second and last litter. I am so looking forward to this litter! If you would like Číst více


23.5.2023 – Argo has a birthday!  -  

Today our Argo celebrates his 3rd birhday! We are very grateful to Debbie and Linda for such a wondeful boy! Argo is a perfect dog with absolutely amazing character, he is fantastic family member and fabulous companion for every actitity we do together. And, besides all mentioned above, he looks wonderful! 🙂 See his short Číst více


15.5.2023 – Planned litter in Hungary  -  

We would like to inform you also about a planned litter in Hungarian kennel Chobe Orumba. The mother of the litter is lovely Naila, nice female with great character, and with interesting pedigree – she is imported from Russia. The expected birth of puppies is around June 6th, 2023. If you want more informations, please, Číst více


23.4.2023 – Argo + Lara  -  

We are very happy to announce that the spring romance between Argo and Lara is not without consequences… Lara is definitively pregnant.. 🙂 We are looking forward to the puppies so much! More informations about this litter you could find here: https://www.ridgebackostrava.cz/vrh-d/


19.3.2023 – New show title for Argo!  -  

We are extremelly proud to announce that Argo met the conditions to obtain another champion title today! After 6 months long show pause he accomplished the mission for the first try.. 🙂 Puririknoll High hopes – aka Argo – thus adds another one to the already acquired titles, namely:  CHAMPION OF POLAND!  Why go to Číst více


5.3.2023 – New prestigious title of Argo  -  

Argo was awarded also by second Czech Club with the new prestigious title! Newly he could add to his name a title:   CLUB CHAMPION of ČKRR !!! We are extremely proud of our Argo, as it is not easy to get such title at all. Argo is already Czech Champion, ale newly Club Champion of Číst více


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