12.4.2012 – Photos of Sorbonne and Rebel´s offspring  -  

Again we collected many pics of Sorbonne´s and Rebel´s puppies. And so we want to show them off. The children are not only of the very similar resemblance to Sorbonne and Rebel, but they also inherited very pleasant characters from them. We are so glad to read and hear about that ! Click on the pics below.. Rebel´s pups Číst více


21.3.2012 – New tracking video  -  

In Rebel´s videogallery is one new tracking video from 18.3.2012.  This track was mainly focused on an age of track (3,5 hrs) on the difficult terrain, on accuraccy, on slowing down the tempo and also again on crossing the track by stranger. The track was  worked up in the High Noon in the strong sunshine, at +20°C, on Číst více


13.2.2012 – Rebel and Sorbonne´s offspring  -  

We have new pics of Sorbonne and Rebel´s children. Have a look at them, the resemblance is evident. Thanks to all for nice photos, messages, e-mails.. and we are looking forward to the new ones again ! The galleries are under the pics below. Rebel´s kids on the left, Sorbonne´s kids on the right.


30.1.2012 – Success of Rebel´s offspring !  -  

Rebel´s children succeed again and we are proud of them all.Rebel´s daughter Mkondo wa Simba Juno was again very skilful and at show in Castrop-Rauxelu gained perfect result – Excellent 1, CAC, and became also Best female – BOS! Rebel´s daughter Mkondo wa Simba Jumu at the same show and at the same class was placed as Excellent 4 from 11.And Rebel´s son Mkondo wa Simba Číst více


26.1.2012 – Rebel´s awards for year 2011  -  

Czech Club of rhodesian ridgebacks breeders (KCHRR) gave out awards in club competitionsfor last year 2011. And Rebel was awarded with those titles :                   Working dog of KCHRR 2011     and also               Best male of KCHRR roku 2011 – 5. place ! Thanks!            


15.1.2012 – Rebel´s puppies are here !  -  

Long planned litter of our Rebel and Sorbonne´s daughter Assima are here!  We are proud to announce an arrival of Rebel x Assima puppies.Friday, January 13th Assima gave birth to 11 pups! 3 girls and 8 boys.8 puppies are correct, only 3 are incorrect (1x ridgeless, 2x 3 crowns).All are amazing, they are of nice red colours, Číst více


11.1.2012 – New article about tracking  -  

Whereas many people contact me by phone and e-mails and I am getting a lot of enquiries about training of ridgebacks and this is very time-consuming for me to reply to all individually to their questions, so I made a new article – this time about tracking training. This article answers mainly to the all Číst více


2.1.2012 – New pics of Sorbonne and Rebel  -  

This year´s winter here reminds me more Spring than Winter time. But it is great for us, since we could train tracking with Rebel without any limitations..  Of course we spend our time also on long walks in nature where both boys could run bellyful. And if they have at home a visit of little Číst více


18.12.2011 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  -  

18.12.2011 – Veselé Vánoce a šťastný Nový Rok ! Thanks to all our friends for wonderful Xmas cards and wishes and we would like to wish you all too a great Christmas time and only the best in 2012 !


7.12.2011 – Perfect coat (not only) for RRs!  -  

Are you looking for functional and excellently fitting coat for your dog? Contact us!More infos here.  


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