2.12.2015 – Rebel has birthday today!  -  

Rebel has birthday today. He turns 8 years already ! The time flies too fast .. Rebel, be still many many other years with us!      


(Česky) 24.11.2015 – Artova poslušnost  -  

Except tracking training we are doing also obedience. Next year we are targeting to pass some exams from national (NZŘ) and international (IPO) regulations and maybe we will also try some Obedience exams. Below is a short movie from our usual obedience trainings. This training was held in the rain, please 🙂


2.11.2015 – New test results  -  

We let test our Artaban for dilute and livernose genes and the results are : D-Lokus – D/D (he is not carrier of blue genes) B-Lokus – B/B (he is not carrier of livernose genes).


27.10.2015 – DUOCACIB Bratislava  -  

Last weekend we competed at DuoCACIB Bratislava and we got nice results. Artaban both days was in Champion Class and from 8 males he was awarded : Saturday – Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS ! Sunday – Excellent Art began his another new title Grandchampion of Slovakia.


22.10.2015 – New health examination of Artaban  -  

We made another health examination of our Artaban. This time we let him examined for Degenerative Myelopathy. The result is : Degenerative myelopathy – N/N (clear) !


10.10.2015 – CACIB České Budějovice  -  

So we went for a dog show again, this time to CACIB České Budějovice, and we won again. Artaban in Champion class got mark Excellent 1, CAC, and res. CACIB. It means – 3 shows in a row = 3 wins = new GRAND CHAMPION OF CZECH REPUBLIC ! So, purely and simply – no Číst více


19.9.2015 – CAC Brno  -  

On Saturday we competed at National dog show in Brno. Artaban in Champion class was awarded withExcellent 1, CAC. Artaban needs the last CAC title for his new title Grandchampion of Czech Republic


16.9.2015 – Art + Ranežka  -  

Artaban is a proud father of his second litter in Czech Republic. Yesterday, Ranežka Katama King (Sorbonne´s daughter) gave birth to 11 healthy puppies, 5 boys and 6 girls. 9 pups are correct, 2 incorrect. We are very proud of this nice litter !


13.9.2015 – Tracking competition  -  

As every year we went with Rebel for tracking competition to Česká Skalice and succeed again! Rebel won tracking category!


5.-6.9.2015 – Club shows of ČKRR 2015  -  

After long time we participated in Club show of ČKRR this year again. On Saturday we got only mark Excellent, even with nice critique, but Sunday was Artaban´s day and we succeed again. Artaban won his Winner Class between another 18 entered champions !He got mark Excellent 1, CAC, and with this victory he fullfiled Číst více


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