8.7.2017 – ZOP exam

I am so proud of my clever boys!
Artaban just passed his another (4th) exam with absolutely amazing point score!
He was the best dog (ridgeback!!!) between another working breeds!!!
He passed the obedience exam including mental parts too for 98 points from 100 possible!
All disciplines with maximum point score 10, only the first one – to let him free – was for 8 points,
because he did not want to leave me for prescribed 10 metres.
What is not suprise for me because he is totally loyal and focused dog on me.
The judge told she never saw such and obedient and well manageable ridgeback yet
and told he was just amazing .. 🙂
What a success, even if we did not train on the training ground more than 3 months 🙂
Again he passsed this obedience on the unknown training ground, with unknown dogs and judge, as always we did..
I have not pics from all disciplines, but only from few one, anyway I hope you will enjoy the pics.



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