30.10.2017 – ZPU1 exam

I am so proud of my boys, they make me really happy and proud owner in all ways..
Artaban passed his another (5th) exam !
Artaban passed ZPU-1 exam.
This exam includes obedience + tracking + group and special behaviour part and Art was again perfect!
He performed the best obedience part from all with the best points score of the exam again, like at the last exam, so I am super proud of him.
I am adding some pics from exam, not from all disciplines, just some of them, but it makes your idea..
Finally, I would like to say that Artaban, as well as all my dogs, always are passing their exams on the unkown training grouds, where they never were training before, with strange people and strange dogs and we have not a problem with it..
It is not so usual these days, most owners would never make it the same way as we, but we really don´t have a problem with it and my dogs always make good results.. It is saying all, I think..



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