27.6.2017 – Artaban´s pictures

I was dismayed when I realized that I did not update pics of my boys almost two years!
So it seems that the time really flies like mad.. 🙂
And because of Facebook all the pics are placed mainly there..
OK, so today I will rectify it with the pics of my Art.
Pics of Rebel and Sorbonne I will update during few days… (hopefully 🙂 ).

The pics of Art I divided into two files as year 2016 and 2017.
Some pics are made by mobile phone, so that´s why the lower pic quality..
You could see on the pics, how much Art developed during those two years, he matured nicely, became stronger and, of course, he become more beautiful ever 🙂

He is perfect buddy, happy and absolutely troublefree dog, great friend of my children, wonderful guard of our family and obedient dog for 100% and for the first and the only one command.
We love him much.
On the left are pics of year 2016, on the right from 2017. Enjoy!




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