About Artaban


imported from PL
(blood line – Canada/USA/Norway/Australia)
from one and only insemination of canadian sire “Jack” in Europe

frozen sperm of high quality available for approved bitches !

3rd Champion at WORLD DOG SHOW 2017
CHAMPION OF ČMKU (Czech cynologic organisation)
WINNER OF PRAGUE 2016 and 2017
WORKING DOG of KCHRR in 2015 and 2016


Working success:
ZOP exam (obedience+ mental test)
BH test (obedience+mental test)

ZZO exam (obedience+mental test)
FPr1 (tracking exam)(
ZPU1 exam (obedience+tracking+special and group part)

Date of birth:
21.4.2013 (10 pups in the litter, 4x female, 6x male; 1x kinked tail, 9x standard)
Registration No.: CMKU/RR/7999/13/13
Colour of coat: red wheaten, without mask, without white marks
Approved as a stud dog: 12.1.2015 by KCHRR (Czech club)
High: 68 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Fulldentioned, scissor bite
HD 0/0, ED 0/0, OCD of shoulders – 0, OCD of knees – 0
Degenerative myelopathy N/N (clear – he is not carrier of DM)
JME N/N (clear – he is not carrier of JME)
D-Lokus D/D (he is not carrier of genes for blue colour)
B-Lokus B/B (he is not carrier of livernose genes)
LTV negative (L1-L7)
Spondylosis negative
Thyroid clear (T3, T4, TSH)
EOAD clear
Heart + EKG strong and clear, without pathological findings



We were waiting for Artaban for several years. I was planning for a long time to import a pup from Canada sired by a wonderful male BISS, BPISS, Can.Ch. The Black Pearl of Course aka “Jack”, who charmed me on the first sight. I loved him not only because of his exterior but also with the super exterior quality he gives on his offspring.

For a long time I was in touch with Jack´s breeder and co-owner Mrs. Barbara Turpin, Of Course kennel, and I waited for his planed litter. Unfortunately, the situation was not so easy and the picked female was not mated. There was no another planned litter in Canada, so I made a decision to import a pup from some another country.
Than I was waiting for some litter with frozen Jack´s sperm in Australia, but also I was not successful there and there is still no litter born there until today.

When I got information from Barbara about Jack´s planned litter in Poland with a very nice female, who is an import from Norway from the well known Maendeleo kennel, I was happy.
The mother of Artaban is a wonderful female Ch. Maendeleo A-Team Angel Dreamgirl, who is remarkable for a very correct exterior and mainly also with a very interesting pedigree which combines blood lines from USA, Nordic countries and Australia. Also Jack´s pedigree is full of wonderful american and canadian ridgebacks. See Artaban´s pedigree.

A big thanks to Artaban´s breeder Edyta Gwarda Gruczyńska, Cieply Dom kennel, for a trust and for a perfect Artaban.
Thanks to the right of the first choice I was honoured to choose the best from the litter and the pick of the litter was just Artaban. There was a big interest about this boy and so I am very happy that finally I am just the happy one owner of him 🙂


Artaban has totally excellent character. I really never had such a extremelly contact male, who constantly looking for my presence and liaison. He is totally loyal and so easygoing male.
All my dogs are usually really very well fixed to me, but Art is literally dependend on me.
Due to this fact the upbringing and training of him is so easy and trouble-free for me.. 🙂
The living with such a dog is a joy!

Art has very strong hunting instinct, from all my ridgebacks I ever had, he has the strongest. I never allow my dogs to hunt and chase wild animals, because I love them and I am worry about them, because in Czech Republic it is not permitted and hunters usually shot such a dog who is chasing the animal. I know too much stories about shoot dead dogs or strucked by car or train.. That´s why I all my dogs learn not to hunt and because of his absolute obedience we managed it. And so now it´s like a reward to take my dogs to nature, to the woods with me, make an all-day trips and not to be afraid that sometime they will not return back to me from hunting ocasion.

Thanks to our relationship and thanks to his absolutely conflict-free character I do not need a leash, …anywhere. Even not in the show, even not in the centre of big town, even not in crowded halls, simply nowhere. Art watchs me and never leaves me. It´s very interesting characteristic of him, as a adult male and again I have to say – the living is so easy with him!
To sum it all up – he is perfect buddy. It´s a relax to live with him.

Artaban loves our children. We call him “nanny”. I could trust him for 100%. A great family dog.

He even has no problem with another adult males, in the case that the others do not try to attack him.
He has strong nerves and he knows how to deal in a pack of adult males, so he does not start the fights.
In our pack of three adult stud dogs we do not have any troubles. Even immediately after mating of one of my dogs, I put the other dogs together. Sometimes the breeders coming to our home are terrified, but I know my pack and my dogs. I never had fights at home.

Nevertheless, he is self-confident adult male, without any marks of agressivity or shyness.
Initially, he is standoffish to the strange people, he is not shy or agressive, he just does not need them to hug or for stroke and they are not interesting for him, but he makes friends quickly than.

On the other side Artaban is very brave guard. He is naturally watchful and vigilant. Home as well as in our garden or anywhere in nature. Always, when we are lonely somewhere together, for example when running together in woods, he warns me if something is wrong around. But due to his perfect obedience I could absolutely rely on him that he reacts for the first and the only command of me.

Artaban has a lot of energy, he loves every activity with me and my family. Artaban is temperamented dog, he loves a lot of movements, different activities, our common trainings and cooperation. Obedience training, as well as tracking trainings, as well as running with me in woods, as well as all-day trips with friends and their dogs or just when I ride a horse and he is running with us together.

Art is very well trainable dog, he has a great interest about the cooperation with me, he is easily motivated and he wants to pleased me every minutes, what is a perfect precondition for working with him. He has very nice obedience. In tracking he needs more time in comparison with my Rebel, but contrarily to Rebel, he has naturally better style and technique. Unfortunately, compared to Rebel, when I had a lot of time for our trainings, now with two little children I have not so much time for trainings as before.. 🙁
However we try to be in training hardly and I am sure we will achieve all the marked out goals.
See his working abilities in his videogallery.

I am so glad for all the messages and calls from owners of Art´s puppies or from the breeders who used Art about so easygoing puppies sired by him. I am very happy when people are happy with “my” puppies.
I am confident that the most important thing for the dog owner is to own a dog with a great character.

Artaban has no reaction for shooting, proved by many passed exams.

Artaban´s video from XIII. ČKRR SPECIALTY SHOW of 2017

Art is 4 years old there


Artabans photos

on the following pics Artaban is 3-4 years old




on following pics he is old from 16 up to 27 months







Photos by Monika Pehr – May 2015 (Art is 2 yrs old)